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Curtis Baumgartner, L.Ac

Curtis Baumgartner, L.Ac
Curtis Baumgartner, L.Ac. has always been interested in alternative forms of healing. He grew up in rural Missouri, which is known as the Show-Me State. The Show-Me attitude derives from a no-nonsense approach of, 'Show me the results... Let me see what you say'. So when he met his mentor and teacher, Shen Hsu, L.Ac., he was impressed with acupuncture immediately because Curtis saw the results with his own eyes over and over. He then began apprenticing with Shen, in Sherman Oaks at the Harmony Center for 3 years and learned his style, which he called ShensWork. ShensWork is great for athletes and for any working person who needs to regain their functional capability, to decrease pain or increase limited range of motion anywhere. See this article by Mike Wise for a descriptive testimonial of the process from the New York Times.

Curtis has also had the opportunity to work closely with the author of "Introduction to Sa-Am Acupuncture: Korean Four Needle Technique". Sa-Am is a lesser-known and understood style of acupuncture that is great for mental, emotional, spiritual issues, along with many of the physical ailments that accompany them. It is an effective and gentle form of treatment that can be used by anyone. Sa-Am can be used to deal with such issues like traumatic memories, self-confidence, sexual issues, various emotions, focus, gaining security, etc. These various issues appear certain "energies" or characteristics become depleted thus leaving other "energies" in excess. The Four Needle Technique seeks to balance these out.

Curtis uses a comprehensive treatment that uses ancient forms of Asian Medicine that many modern acupuncturists aren't familiar with. It is comprehensive because it incorporates several methods, i.e. acupuncture, massage, gua sha, cupping, stretching, auricular acupuncture, Reiki, etc., into one session, each one benefiting the patient in a different way.

Curtis has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, with an emphasis in Sports Medicine, from Southwest Missouri State University. He finished his Masters in Asian Medicine at Samra College of Oriental Medicine in Culver City. He now wants to bring to you his services that incorporate different aspects of Asian Medicine, the orthodox with the unorthodox, modern with traditional, physical with the emotional, all with the goal of getting the results you want, the results that you can see and feel.

More information about acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

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