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Services Offered

Acupuncture –

This branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) seeks to balance and strengthen the body's chi, or lifeforce, through the insertion and manipulation of ultrafine needles into specific "acupoints". These points correspond to different physical organs and metabolic systems which, when stimulated, can achieve restored balance and well-being. The acupuncture needles used by Optimal Health, Inc. practitioners are sterile and disposable. Many are so fine that twenty are equivalent to the width of one hypodermic needle. This provides for a relatively painless and enjoyable treatment.

Treatments generally last one hour, and include TCM diagnoses, which may include pulse examination, tongue exam and/or palpation.

More information about our Acupuncturist, Curtis Baumgartner, L.Ac.

More information about Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Comprehensive and Raktamoksha Treatments offered – Please call for pricing.

*Comprehensive Treatment includes any or all of the following: cupping, gua sha, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, massage, herbal heat, moist heat.

Chiropractic –

Chiropractic care is the gentle manipulation of the body to treat disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. It increases the body's ability to align with gravity, improves biomechanical flow and is extremely effective at treating back, neck and joint pain.

30 minute or 1 hour sessions offered – Please call for pricing.

Treatments include: adjustment, massage, moist heat, patient education.

Colon Hydrotherapy –

Autointoxication is the body's state of self-poisoning due to a buildup of toxic waste in the large intestine. Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, helps increase the peristaltic (digestive) flow and aids in the removal of accumulated toxins. You gently insert a sanitary, disposable speculum into the rectum which the practitioner connects to a sterile plastic tube. Through this safe and sanitary delivery system purified water gently moves into and out of the colon.

More information about our Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Ivana Lech.

Frequently Asked Questions about Colonics.

Single session**:  $98
3 session package:  $285
6 session package:  $558
12 session package:  $1,068

Massage –

We offer a variety of massage therapy modalities, including craniosacral, deep tissue, shiatsu, sports massage and Swedish massage. Treatments may help to relax muscular tension, ease stress and relieve pain. Therapeutic manipulation of the soft body tissue increases blood flow and may assist with circulation, lymphatic drainage and the healthy flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

$100 per hour. May include moist heat, cupping,
herbal gua sha

FAR Infrared Sauna –

We are pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to experience the FAR infrared sauna. This cutting-edge infrared sauna serves a variety of detoxification functions, targeting release through the largest organ in the human body – your skin. Its unique delivery system will help you achieve sweating at a more comfortable temperature than a conventional hot sauna, promoting a hyperthermic state that can lead to increased heart rate, increased circulation, unblocking of sinuses, a boosted metabolism and stronger immune function. The FAR infrared sauna has been shown to accelerate removal of heavy metals, petrochemicals and drug residue.

Some of the many benefits of FAR infrared sauna usage may include:

• Flushing of narcotic drugs
• Removal of hormone-disrupting chemicals in body fat and internal organs
• Cellulite reduction--may mobilize subcutaneous fat as well as abdominal and visceral fat (which has been implicated in increased risk of cardiovascular disease)
• Burns calories
• Acceleration of soft tissue healing – sprains, spasms, aches and "frozen" shoulder.
• Skin condition – texture, tone and clarity
• Deep relaxation

We use a horizontal FAR Infrared Sauna unit that is very comfortable. The private room with shower is reserved for 45 minutes per session.

Frequently Asked Questions about FAR Infrared Saunas.

Single session:  $45
5 session package:  $175
10 session package:  $300

Ionic Footbath –

A warm foot bath that produces a +/- ionic field for the feet to relax in. Helps to promote a feeling of well-being.

Single session:  $45
5 session package:  $175
10 session package:  $300

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